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Golden bay Horse Riding was set up back in 1981 by Beverley and Mario Frendo with only 4 horses and a big dream. Mario's Brother Bernard joined into this venture a couple of years in.

This stable has grown into a strong established family run business with over 17 horses, 6 instructors and 50 years of experience behind our backs, making us the longest running horse riding stable's in Malta and a leader in the market.

Over the years we've provided a professional service and have been part of many unforgettable experiences and memories, building our reputation and constantly improving our services throughout the years.

At Golden Bay horse riding we organise rides for all, ranging from 5 year olds to the not so agile as well as for beginners trying out your first time on a horse to the experienced rider with their own horses back home. We offer two sets of treks which are a one hour ride overlooking some of Malta's most popular beaches or even a fabulous 90 minute coastal sunset ride overlooking the heart of the Mediterranean in one of the most scenic sunsets you'll experience while in Malta.

We strive on quality of service, which is why all our rides are accompanied by a qualified instructor with ample years of experience. Our horses come from various countries and range from 13HH (1.32m) up to 17.3HH (1.81m) with a weight limit set at 15 stone (95.6Kg).

Our Horses are our livelihoods and therefore we treat them in the best way possible, making sure that our horses are groomed, schooled, shoed and broken in, strictly in house and are taken care of as much as possible.

We are a family run business and our standards of horses are best to none and we are extremely proud of this. Due to Malta's Climate we do not leave horses in any sun, and only operate rides in the cooler times of the day during summer and our horses are all regularly watered and each stable is equipped with high powered fans and daily cleaned shavings.

Our 40+ years of experience, wide range of horses and impeccable location with stunning views are guaranteed to give our riders an experience they'll never forget and which they will want to go through again. Golden Bay horse riding is open all year round and booking is quick and easy 

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